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Product Design for a Crypto-Trading Platform
User Interviews and Analysis, Product Concept, Wireframes, UX Design Sprint and Prototyping, Visual Design
Data Visualization Designs for SHL Dashboard
Data Visualization Design
Website Evaluation for Schneider Electric US
User Persona, User Experience Mapping, Usability and User Interface Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation, Competitive Analysis
Product Design for On-Demand Video Entertainment App
Contextual Research, User Profile, App Map, Native iOS and Android UI Design
Mobile App Design for ICICI Lombard
Digital Strategy, UX/ UI Design, Icon Design
Website Design for Robosoft Technologies
Site Map, Website Layout, Iconography
Enhancing McDelivery App Experience
Product Strategy, Brand Engagement, Digital Strategy, Concept Ideation
Brand Identity and Website for a Real-estate Project
Product Concept - Future of Healthcare
Contextual Research, Product Concept, Strategy
Brand Visual Identity for Radiology Centre
Brand Story, Graphic Identity, Environment Graphics, Signage
A New Format Cafe
Concept, Naming, Visual Identity, Space Graphics
Communication Design for a Luxury Hotel
Art Direction, Communication & Graphic Design
Visual Identity for Infrastructure Company
Brand Positioning, Brand Identity
Graphic Language for an IT Conglomerate
Naming, Brand Story, Graphic Language
Visual Identity for an Exclusive Club
Visual Identity, Branding
Visual Identity for an IT Firm
Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Graphic Language, Brand Communication
Visual Identity for Sky City
Visual Identity System, Marketing Collaterals, Campaign Concept
Brand Identity for a Startup
Naming, Brand Story, Logo, Visual Identity
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